Album Cover Art

Album cover art is need for CDs, album cover art is needed for iTunes… Fact is even these days you will need album cover art even without a physical album or CD. Album cover cart has become an important tool for musicians, it often influences other aspects of their identity that is promoted through advertising, merchandise, posters, logos etc.

CD album cover artAlbum cover art became renowned for being a marketing tool and an expression of artistic intent from the 1970’s onward to the point were packaging was increased with gate fold albums being introduced purely to enable more space for album cover art!

Digital Download Album Cover Art

WiD Carousel - Album cover art

As the digital download of music becomes more of the norm and the inflating costs of printing, packaging and distribution effects how the music industry conducts business, the purpose and prevalence of the album cover has evolved. While band management keep up or try to keep ahead of technological changes and cultural shifts in purchasing of music, the role that packaging (and therefore “album cover art”) in the near future is uncertain. Digital forms of packaging will continue to surface, but an image of album cover art over a non-descript link will always influence sales. Both MP3 and WMA music files already are able to contain embedded digital album cover art in jpeg format.

Speak Easy - album cover art

Well, think for yourself, if you released an album or a song even for free download, sure your die-hard fans will download it, but to capture a new audience you will need a visual cue to describe or tantalise new fans, that’s album cover art! At Kanaka Creative we love to create album cover art. Why? Not because we like it, because we love it.